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From our unique foothold in the Austrian Alps and the Balearic island, our expanding international network allows us just as high a level of familiarity with the rest of Europe and the world beyond.

Out of our offices in both "northern" and "southern" hemispheric environments, we adapt those "cold" and "warm" cultural approaches to a vast number of contexts. Besides our local resources, we have a presence in different countries through our network collaboration.

We value the diverse set of outputs each member of our extended team provides. With the backdrop of a strong grasp of strategic business, combined with experienced international digital and social specialists, we can help get your social marketing strategy and outcomes to a whole new level.

By connecting creative content with our data, we know how to best optimize the opportunities that social media and performance marketing offer.

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headquarter austria

Hound Music GmbH
Museumstraße 10/8
A-6020 Innsbruck
+43 676 5060507


headquarter spain

Hound Music GmbH
Es Pouet, Avenida Cap de Martinet 110
ES-07819 Ibiza in Spain
+43 676 5060507


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